In the Imago Workshop you will take a journey to a place we call Imago, where your relationship can reach its true potential.


APRIL 22-25, 2016 CLOSED - FULL
JUNE 3-5th, 2016 (LGBT Only)
SEPT 9-11th, 2016
DEC 9-11th, 2016


The Getting The Love You Want Couples’ Weekend Workshop invites you to consider a new perspective for your relationship and offers you a set of simple and practical communication tools to enhance and deepen any committed relationship.

Improving communication in a long term committed relationship is one of the more challenging aspects of relationships. Nearly all couples struggle at times, or struggle with specific topics. What starts out as a simple difference can escalate into conflict before we know what happened. It may be hopeful for you to learn that just a few basic skills are all that is needed to profoundly change your communication.

You will come to understand why you chose each other as partners in a long-term committed relationship; why it is that you will inevitably trigger each other’s best and worst selves; and, find out what you can do, in fact need to do, in order to deepen your relationship!


Why is the workshop $800?

For a half dozen of private Imago couple’s therapy sessions you will likely pay between $900 – $1,800 This workshop offers you more information than can be given in those same six sessions. And you receive the kind of information, training, and practice that will help you to be able to use the communication tools on your own.

If you are trying to avoid divorce, then $800 is a drop in the bucket compared to attorney’s fees. And it may just be what helps you avoid a high conflict divorce so that you can end the relationship with grace and dignity. Hopefully you will not have to go down that road altogether and this workshop will be a turning point to revitalize your relationship and renew your commitment. Finding hope is a powerful thing that can sustain us through the learning process.